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Established in Year 2005 and headquartered in Singapore, Rei Promax has grown over the years through an increased in customer portfolio that reaches out to the various industrial sectors. We have operations in Singapore, Indonesia and China with a combined workforce of more than 200 staff.

REI Promax is in the business of manufacturing customized precision components. We are well equipped to provide customised solution for specific requirement. Today, we are much more than just a machining components supplier. We are a contract manufacture for telecommunication products. Our customer base has grown to include serving oil and gas engineering work, fibre optical components and mechanical assembly.

With a team of dedicated workforce, REI Promax is committed to offer you the most innovative and cost effective manufacturing solution of the highest quality.

Quality Philosophy

  • We believe that quality is the responsibility of all.

  • Quality does not happen by accident but by careful management of all processes

  • Quality is not inspected but is built into the system


  • Over eight years of experience, in Die Casting, CNC, and assembly.

  • Strong and Comprehensive Financial Foundation to support expanding manufacturing    capabilities and capacity.

  • Cost Effective products.

  • Flexible and Short  lead time

  • Provide valuable service to customers.

  • Quality stability.

  • Customer  Orientation.


Supplier's day 2019

ST Kinetics

Best quality award


ST Kinetics

Certtificate of commendation


ISO 9001:2015


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